Vegan chili mayonnaise: recipe and pairings

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Vegan mayonnaise without eggs is the reinterpretation of the classic French sauce. It is based on vegetable drinks, olive oil and corn, has a velvety and light texture and can be flavoured in different ways.

Today we will offer you a spicy version, prepared with the addition of our paté with Sicilian chili.

Recipe for vegan mayonnaise with chili.



Preparing the spicy vegan mayonnaise is very simple: just add all the ingredients in a container and work with the immersion mixer until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream.

What to pair with vegan chili mayonnaise.

Vegan mayonnaise with chili goes well with many dishes, even for omnivores: try it with veganburgers, tofu sticks and vegetables, as an accompaniment to a pinch of crispy vegetables or a fried vegetable, but also in panini and sandwiches with roast beef and hamburgers, with chips and crisps and with the Italian cutlet.

You can also put it on the table during an aperitif or a buffet dinner and offer it to your guests along with your favorite fingerfood. Any ideas? Puff pastry roses with seasonal vegetables, fried sage rolls or salty muffins.

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